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Team Members: 

Gracie Hanson, Emma Larson, Ashley Lindgren, 

Madelyne Roderick, Jenna Merhar, Jade Starkman, Ava Cook, Madison Ludwig, 

Madelene Johnson, Jaicee Krings, Savannah Johnson, Jess Anderson, 

Morgan Folz, Elissia Bennett, Angel Houle, Lauren Porthan, Emily Schnacky,

McCartney Kaercher, Katie Lakner

Coaches: Nichole Boitz and Yulea Fadum

The Performance Team is in the middle of an exciting season! They continue to improve technically and are building great teamwork skills.

They will compet at two National Dance Competitions at the DECC in Duluth, MN.

The competitions are hosted by Masquerade Dance Competition, and Celebration Talent Competition.

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