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Fitness Class Descriptions

We offer a wide range of fitness classes to suit a variety of interests and fitness levels. There fall, winter, spring & summer sessions. Classes can be purchased in packages

for each session. Click on this link for details,

Our class descriptions are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on classes. Click on this link, 2013 fitness schedule,

to see the complete schedule. 

Pilates Barre Class

Multi Level - 50 minutes

Pilates exercises are designed to use the resistance of your own body and gravity to create overall strength through the body. Exercises are done on your back, belly, on your side and standing up at the barre. Pilates exercises increase srength and endurance. Exercise balls, bands, and free weights are sometimes incorporated.

Tone & Zumba

Multi Level - 50 minutes

This is a great low impact class to tone up your muscles while incorporating 

some FUN with dance! Focusing on a thorough warm up and cool down, 

various small equipment will be used throughout the class to tone and 

strengthen all areas of your body. All exercises are done standing up.  

Modifications provided for all levels of fitness.


Multi Level - 50 Minutes

This class incorporates more cardio activity designed to get your heart pumping. The strength portion of this class will incorporate a variety of small equipment to work through all of your muscle groups, while the stretch portion will focus on flexibility and lengthening your muscles. Each class will begin with a full body warm-up and finish with a relaxing cool down.


Multi Level - 25 minutes

25 minute high intensity workouts. Classes will vary between cardio, upper focus, lower focus, ab intervals, strength and stretch. Participants can pace themselves to their own level - but these are high intensity workouts designed to push yourself.


*Wear comfortable clothing & please bring clean, indoor tennis shoes. 

*Bring a water bottle. (Water is also available to purchase.)

*Locker rooms are available for changing.

*All equipment is provided.  

*Fitness mats are provided, and YOGA/PILATES mats are available to purchase.

*Please sign in at the front desk before each class so we may contact you regarding any class cancellations.

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