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Youth/Adult Dance Classes


This class is geared towards our tiniest dancers! The focus will be on large motor skills, learning to follow structure and building confidence. Dancers learn basic tap and ballet skills and will incorporate these skills into two routines throughout the year. This is a great class to introduce your child to dance. The Fireflies will participate in the professionally produced Spring Dance Recital. This is a DROP OFF class. Class runs 45 minutes.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Building on the basics, this class will continue to work on tap and ballet skills. Flexibility and strength conditioning will be introduced. Longer combinations and increased choreography will be the focus. Three routines will be performed at the Spring Dance Recital. Class runs 60 minutes.

2nd & 3rd Grade

As motor skills become more developed, different skills are introduced in this class. Again building on the basics, dancers will incorporate across the floor tap and jazz phrases. Dancers will learn the development of beginning turn and leap combinations. The class will learn three routines structured around the combinations learned. The class will perform in the Spring Dance Recital. Class runs 60 minutes.

4th & 5th Grade

At this level dancers will begin working on more jazz technique and creating their own style with their dance steps. Leap and turn combinations will continue to be the focus along with core strength and flexibility. Dancers will learn three routines which will include a hip hop routine. This is a great style of dance for self-expression. The dancers will perform in the Spring Dance Recital. Class runs 60 minutes.

Junior Recreational - 6th - 8th Grade

Continuing to increase the skill level, lyrical and musical theater styles of dance will be introduced. Advanced turns and leaps will be the focus with jazz based combinations. Dancers will continue to work on flexibility and strength conditioning. The level of difficulty and choreography will increase as the skill levels strengthen. Musicality and timing will be a strong component. Three routines will be taught in three different genres of dance. The group will perform at the Spring Dance Recital. Class runs 60 minutes.

Senior Recreational - 9th - 12th Grade

As body awareness and strength continues to improve, dancers will work on connecting the dance steps in their choreography. Transitions will be worked on as well as more intricate staging within their group. Choreography will be taught at a quicker pace and personal style and emotion will be a focus. This class will challenge the dancers to bring themselves to their next level. Three to four routines will be performed in the Spring Dance Recital. Class runs 60 minutes.


(All ages welcome. We will split the class into age groups

& add classes if needed)

Dancers will learn body isolations, strength and coordination moves.  


Routines will be performed in the Spring Dance Recital. Class runs 60 minutes.





Dancers will be placed according to their technique level.  Not by age.

As this program continues to grow, we are continually looking at what will benefit the dancers the most. We will continue to focus on performance opportunities within in our community, as well as exposing the dancers to experiences outside the Ely area. We will attend a minimum of two competitions. We are working on putting together various workshops exposing our dancers to a variety of dance and teaching styles.  

The style of dance the teams will focus on will be jazz based. As the team grows together throughout the year, the personality of the team determines the routines taught. There is a different dynamic with every team, every year. That is what makes being a team member a unique experience with each year offering something different.

Competition teams purchase warm-ups that are theirs to keep.  This is separate from the costume fee 

There is a greater time and financial commitment to participate with a performance team. We need dancers and parents that are committed to a teamwork environment. Attendance is even more crucial in this program. With that being said, it is a wonderful experience for your dancer. The return on the investment is well worth it for both you and your dancer.

Youth Fitness Classes:

Preschool Tumbling

This preschool tumbling and movement class will focus on improving balance, motor skills, following class structure and working with others. Tumblers will use a variety of equipment to keep their interest and keep them moving! Music is incorporated with this class. This is a great introduction to group format, in a fun, kid friendly environment. This is a DROP OFF class. Parents do not participate in the activities with the children. Class is 45 minutes.

 Fit Kid’s Club

We are excited to offer this new class for boys and girls in grades 3 through 6. The class is designed to introduce your child to fitness and learn that it is fun! Class will meet at the studio and activities will vary from week to week. We will introduce strength training, stretching, cardiovascular activity and more! Participants will learn how to properly use small fitness equipment including resistance bands, weighted bars, stability balls and more. We will occasionally take the class outside for walks, hikes, bike rides, Frisbee & more. The opportunities are endless. This class is a great addition or alternative to organized team sports and activities. Class is 60 minutes.

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