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To complete your dancer’s ON LINE registration follow two steps:

    1. Print the EFT (electronic fund transfer) from the red button below. 

Return it to the studio by US mail, email in a PDF to

or drop it off at the studio - 1550 E. Washington Street.

** All monthly tuition and costume payments must be processed with EFT

(electronic fund transfer) from checking/savings account or credit card.

**EFT forms must be received prior to the start of 

classes in September. 

The first payment will be processed in October, the final in June.

(9 monthly payments for the season)

Any declined payment will be assessed a $5 processing fee.

2. Review the Monthly Tuition, Fees & Polices listed below.



2. Class tuition is due the FIRST day of the month by EFT (electronic fund transfer) from a checking account or credit card. Class fees are based per year (Sept. through May) & divided into nine equal installments. 

The first payment will be processed in October and the last in June.

3. If a payment is declined there will be a $5 fee assessed to the account. The account will be put on hold until payment information is updated.

4. COSTUME FEE: There is a $129 fee per dancer. Costume fee applies to all dancers participating in the Spring Dance Recital. (This fee is for 2-3 costumes, depending on your class. Solo costumes are additional.

Costume fees will be charged to the account on file in one installment on October 15th,

unless paid to the studio before that date.


5. Attendance is very important to your child’s dance education. Absences are non-refundable. Please notify the studio of any absences.

6. Students should arrive 5 minutes prior to class and picked up after class. Studio North is not responsible once class is dismissed.

7. Newsletters, schedules and other dance information will be emailed. Be sure to include your email address.

8. Proper written notification is required for withdrawal of a student at any time. You are obligated for payment until the date of notification.

** All monthly tuition and costume payments must be processed with EFT 

(electronic fund transfer) from checking account or credit card.**



Registration Fee For All Dancers:                                      $10 per dancer


Recreational & Acro/Tumbling Program:                      45 Minutes and

                                                                                                              1 Hour per week:                   $42 per month


Competition Program:


                                                 Level I - (intro. to competition) - 3 Hours per week:                 $88 per month

                                                 Level II - (intermediate skills) - 3 Hours per week:                   $88 per month

                                                 Level III - (advanced skills) - 3 Hours per week:                        $88 per month


Competition fees also include use of the fitness center on their scheduled dance days. Dancers will be utilizing the equipment for sport specific strength and core training.


Dancers registering for more than one class - fees for the second class are 50% off.



Private lessons are available at $45 per hour. Please see Nichole to schedule privates. Solos need to be choreographed and taught by Nichole or a teacher’s assistant. Please let Nichole if you are interested.


The studio is free to dancers for extra practice when available. You will need to schedule your time. The schedule will be at the front desk.Written notification is required for withdrawal of a student at any time. You are obligated for payment until the date of notification. 

Complete the online registration form below & be sure to hit send!

*Please submit one form for each dancer. 

See you at the studio!



Dancer's Name and Address:

Dancer's Age/Grade:

Dancer's Email and Cell Phone:

Guardian's Name and Address:

Guardian's Primary Email and Cell Phone:

List Any Health or Medical Concerns:

Classes Attending:

Monthly Tuition - See Chart Above for Class Rates:

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the tuition, payment and studio policies of Studio North, Inc. I hereby release all persons affiliated with Studio North, Inc. from any and all claims which may be sustained while participating in any and all activities connected with Studio North, Inc. Parent/Guardian please type in name and date of confirmation.

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